IRRADIANT FIELD (HD, 10 min, 2016)

Irradiant Field 1.jpg

Mirroring sky and earth, solitary mechanical sentinels follow the sun, while metal grids rain in a parched California landscape. Irradiant Field is a visual and sonic portrait at the intersection of nature and machine - a desert mirage of light, wind, water, and metallic reflection.

"The film opens on a vast terrain of metal and light as innumerable panels slowly twist toward the sun. The image considers the symmetry and precision of the manmade against the distant backdrop of the “real” landscape, a distant hillside; the solar plant has transformed the beautiful California fields into something else, not simply a blighted mechanical site, but a hybrid landscape that harbors its own beauty." - Holly Willis

Film House Award, Athens International Film and Video Festival
Leon Speakers Award for Best Sound Design, Ann Arbor Film Festival

MoMA Doc Fortnight, NYC
REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Athens International Film and Video Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
Haverhill Experimental Film Festival
UNEXPOSED Microcinema
Aurora Picture Show
Cinema Project
Antimatter Media Art
Portland International Film Festival
San Diego Underground Film Festival
Cineteca Nacional, Mexico City
McAvoy Foundation for the Arts